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We combine our talent and your best personal traits to create a signature that matches you perfectly and highlights the best in you.

Our graphologist analyzes your signature, emphasizes your best character traits and gives recommendations on what needs to be changed. Our calligrapher takes it into account
Our mission
Ann Storm, CEO & chief calligrapher
Karen Cosgrove, graphologist
*our analysis is based on "Handwriting Analysis: The Science of Determining Personality by Graphoanalysis"
More than 5000 personality traits are linked to how we write
Source: the National Pen Company research
Our works
The work is done by hand, so each of our signatures is completely unique. You can include in your signature any personal traits and meanings that you want, because only you decide which energy your signature should radiate.

Below you can see the before & after signatures of our clients and detailed comments of our graphologist describing them

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What's yours?
Your personal manager contacts you after payment via WhatsApp or email
You fill out a brief form so we can learn about your preferences
Our graphologist makes an analysis of your signature and handwriting
Our calligrapher creates a few options of your new signature
Your calligrapher creates a personalized tutorial for you
To make the signature as fitting as possible, we create a personalized video tutorial and personalized training stencil. Our tutorial is so efficient, that you will learn how to sign in 15 min, even if you think your handwriting is bad
Video tutorial
Training stencil
What people say about us
✦ personalized video tutorial
✦ digital formats (.svg, .png)
✎ stencil for better handwriting
✦ 5 signature options to choose from
✦ 3 times you can edit the options
✦ personalized video tutorial
✦ digital formats (.svg, .png)
✎ stencil for better handwriting
✦ 3 signature options to choose from
✦ personalized video tutorial
✦ digital formats (.svg, .png)
✎ stencil for better handwriting
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Professional calligrapher crafts a perfect signature for you
Pro calligrapher and graphologist craft a perfect signature for you
Top calligrapher and graphologist craft a perfect signature for you
Our team
Ann Storm, chief calligrapher

"My work has inspired me to look into details more closely. The way we walk, the way we speak and especially the way we sign makes great sense to others, even on subconscious level"
Karen Cosgrove, graphologist

"I feel like a magician! Sometimes I feel I can read people's minds. But there's nothing magical about graphology. It's just science and attentiveness"
Kate Wilson, calligrapher

"It feels that I help people express themselves and find out their best character traits through their signature. Each time the "portrait" is so unique!"
Penelope Collins, calligrapher

"I had a horrible signature myself before I learned calligraphy. I know what it means to be not satisfied with one small, but important part of yourself - and now I help people fix it"
Azalia Fernandez, calligrapher

"I like to create signatures, because it's such an amazing process of combining my skills and your personality"
Stacey Brown, calligrapher

"I am very pleased to hear kind words about the signatures I create. It means I'm a real artist and provide real beauty in this world"
Teresa Bryant
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Helen Smith
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Alexa Jenner
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Made by us, inspired by you
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